Wednesday, November 5, 2008

"Αfrica" the entries

The entries for the "Africa" challenge:

This is the entry of Εnchantedpond:

"The little elephant"

This is the entry of Kreativlink: "Fluffy, Painted Fabric Journal"

This is the entry of AracneDesigns:

"Africa crochet necklace"

The entries of Dinafagola:

"Blue and black zebra heart necklace"

"Pink Zebra Choker"

"Blue Leopard necklace"

"Black Zebra Choker"

This is the entry of Dindi's shop:
" Turtle talisman"

This is Ingermaaike's entry:
"Dusty road felted scarf"

This is VKnO's entry:

"Africa - unique and one-of-a-kind handbag"
The entry of Glasfaden: "Morning glow in Africa"

This is Nanouke's entry:

"Africa choker"

Aysetugrul's entry:

"My African dream"

"I love Africa"

Staroftheeast's entry:

"Sea urchin collection-brass bracelet"

Meltemsem's entry:

"Oasis earrings"

Fleurfatale's entry:
"Silk Diva African Dream"

Kraplap's entry:
"Mbote Xlong necklace"

Arctida's entry:
"Adeola necklace"

Ravenhill's entry:


And the winner is: Exoticflavor! Congratsulations!


  1. oh that little elephant is so adorable!
    And your journal, Kreative! Makes me want to hug it and take it with me to bed :)

  2. Such wonderful entries so far! The theme is fantastic. I will try to find time, but it hasn't been easy to do that lately!

  3. great entries so far, can't wait to start my own creation!!!!!!

  4. Μεγεια το Χριστουγεννιατικο "look"!!!

    Ολα ειναι καταπληκτικα!!!
    Πολλα φιλια

  5. Ολες οι δημιουργίες είναι η μια ωραιότερη από την άλλη. Κάθε μια ενσωματώνει ,με τον καλύτερο τρόπο, κάτι από την Μαύρη Ηπειρο.

  6. What a great collection this is becoming!

  7. It is so nice to seeing all the creations at one place :)))

  8. Να δεις που κάτι γίνεται εδώ όταν μπαινω! Πάλι άφησα σχόλιο και εξηφανίσθη! Γκρ....

    Ελεγα οτι τα αφρικάνικα θέματα είναι τέλεια!

  9. Stunning entries everyone, fitting to the theme in a great way, congrats!


  10. Lovely entries once again ladies :)

  11. I came take a look from Ravenhill, and what a surprise listen a Portuguese song :)!!!
    Congrats for your blog!

  12. καλεεεεεε! εγω τωρα τι σχολιο να αφησω;;; αφου τα εξαντλησα ολα απο το τηλ.
    σταματημο δεν εχω η ατιμη....δεν λεω να κρατησω την λογοδοιαρια μου.!

  13. Great entries!!! Because of an injury I missed the new challenge completely! Was a wonderful theme Eve!!!


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