Sunday, January 19, 2014

knitting in prison

The Arisvaldo de Campos Pires, a high security prison in Juiz de Fora, 160km north of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, is unlike similar structures anywhere else in the world.
In here, inmates sentenced for such severe crimes as robbery and murder are now knitting high-fashion clothes for Brazilian fashion designer Raquel Guimaraes, in exchange for 75% of national minimum wage and reduced sentences; they get a day cut from their sentence for every three days knitting. It all started in 2009, when Guimaraes trained prisoners in drawing and designing, as well as in high-quality knitting. At the time, she was looking for knitters for her brand Doiselles.

REUTERS/Paulo Whitaker

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

pattern for homeshoes

These homeshoes pattern is basically a converting acrochet project that I found in a Japanese magazine  (I have shown in an earlier post ) . I thought I'd turn it into a knitting project, which is indeed my favorite art .
It is a composition of 6 squares and two triangles and although I knitted together on the go,picking up stitches each time from the finished square to knit the next , I give you the easier version, that a novice knitter can create !
I chose this lovely bright blue color for the closed scarf I made for the upcoming issue of Brava ( February ) :

Royal blue was emerged strongly by the fashion designers last summer and this winter and for spring 2014 it is considered by Pantone color of the year , and especially the Dazzling blue

You will need :
YARN : Zara of Filatura di Crosa 1974 electric blue color ( 100 % wool , 125m./50gr . ) , Two skeins .
Needle for sewing
The slipper has a length of 23cm . approximately . Fits size 38-40 .
For the squares: CO 20sts and  knit and 32 rows in seed stitch . BO (make 6 )
For the triangles : CO 20sts and knit 32s .decreasing 1st the beginning of every 2nd row until you have 3sts left . Knit the 3sts tog. and BO ( make 2 ) .
Thread the needle and  initially join the squares and triangles together according to the scheme:

Then fold and join together the sides as shown in the scheme. The oblique sides of the two triangles are open to the opening.

Weave all threads.

Finally Make 2 small pom pons and sew each one in front of the opening as shown:

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