Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New creations

Finally I managed to take photos of my new creations!

Do you remember the "Africa" challenge? HaHa!This is the bag that I wanted to make for the challenge, but I didn't make it on time!I finished it, but I'm not very satisfied with the result and I will keep it for myself :)

Another creation inspired by the "Africa" challenge. This one was knitted and then felted!

  I also knit some neckwarmers!

I also made some felt necklaces!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Small sweet caps

On Sunday morning we gathered at Sofie Vamvaka’s place (Kangaroo) and knit together baby caps for the “KNIT ONE-SAVE ONE” campaign. We had a wonderful time! We knit and chatted and had coffee! I have a parcel ready to go, but I’m expecting some more to come from ladies that couldn’t make it on Sunday and will knit at home and bring them to Sofie’s shop.
I want to thank first of all my good friend Sofie, who gave us the space, and organized the whole event, by moving later a programmed seminar!!! I also want to thank all the ladies who responded to the invitation and came!!
Thank you girls!!!
Ι wish that next year we will be much more!!!

 Zoe with her knitted cap!

Litsa with her knitted cap!/>
Helen with her cap!
Aspa with her knitted cap!
Helen with her knitted cap!

Young girls knit too!!

  Maria with her knitted cap!

Katerina came and brought her knitted cap!And I had the chance to meet her!A very sweet person!

Eugene with her knitted cap!

The group with the creations!!

This is my cap!

Do you remember my Secret Santa present? Well, it traveled to Sweden and made it to Britta's home!See here more!Thanks Britta for your lovely comments!!

Αnd finally I managed to take pictures of my "Aqua" creations:

 Ι also finished this neckpiece:

Friday, November 14, 2008

How time flies!

How quickly ten days passed since my last post! It is true that I didn’t do much, because lately I feel with no energy, my batteries are empty! I started making a purse for the “Africa” challenge, but it is still outside hanging to dry!!! The challenge of course is finished and the winner was Amanda from ExoticFlavor, who chose the next theme, “Aqua”! I have started making a necklace and a scarf, I hope this time I will have them ready on time!

But I managed to finish my “Secret Santa” present and the samples for the “Get Eurofied” promo!
What are these?
For those who don’t know, our Est group is going to swap Christmas presents this year! Everyone who has opted has completed a questionnaire, and Artmind selected all of them, matched them in pairs and sent to each one of us the completed questionnaire of another person to give us feedback to make something according to the taste of our present recipient. Well, I finished mine and shipped it already! At the end, every one of us will make a photo with the present she got and it will be posted on our team’s blog.

"Get Eurofied" is a promotion that a fellow member of our team suggested and organized. It is boxes with samples of our work that are very popular abroad. I made some pins, brooches, rings and egg-cups!
I have also finished some knits, but I couldn’t make any decent photos yet to show!

Have I told you? My Vito is in love with Mollie and is crying all day long to go out to meet her! I open the kitchen door and let her in to come and say hi, so that he stops crying!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

"Αfrica" the entries

The entries for the "Africa" challenge:

This is the entry of Εnchantedpond:

"The little elephant"

This is the entry of Kreativlink: "Fluffy, Painted Fabric Journal"

This is the entry of AracneDesigns:

"Africa crochet necklace"

The entries of Dinafagola:

"Blue and black zebra heart necklace"

"Pink Zebra Choker"

"Blue Leopard necklace"

"Black Zebra Choker"

This is the entry of Dindi's shop:
" Turtle talisman"

This is Ingermaaike's entry:
"Dusty road felted scarf"

This is VKnO's entry:

"Africa - unique and one-of-a-kind handbag"
The entry of Glasfaden: "Morning glow in Africa"

This is Nanouke's entry:

"Africa choker"

Aysetugrul's entry:

"My African dream"

"I love Africa"

Staroftheeast's entry:

"Sea urchin collection-brass bracelet"

Meltemsem's entry:

"Oasis earrings"

Fleurfatale's entry:
"Silk Diva African Dream"

Kraplap's entry:
"Mbote Xlong necklace"

Arctida's entry:
"Adeola necklace"

Ravenhill's entry:


And the winner is: Exoticflavor! Congratsulations!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

This week I'm the boss!

Every week the European Etsy Team has a challenge for the members to make something with a special theme. Last week the winner was Mirthquake and she chose the next theme, which was "hometown". We had to make something that reminds us of our hometown, or have a black-white picture of our hometown as background of our item. See here the fantastic creations of the team. I found old family pictures and put them as background. One of them was taken in front of the lighthouse of my town. This was my entry:

Now it's my turn to choose a theme for this week :)
Well, the theme for this week's challenge is "Africa". I would like to creations inspired by this wonderful continent.
Here are some pictures to get inspired:

You can find more inspiration here:
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