Monday, February 28, 2011

New bag and spring bracelets

Finally I finished the brown bag and it's pattern! Good thing that the weather is still cold!

This week I had two days off from work, so I was creative! I made three new bracelets for spring:

The last one was made for the weekly challenge of the European Etsy team (est), which is hosted by  Dindi!
Now I'm working on new bag designs for spring/summer, I'll show you when they are finished :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Fashion trend report-The revival of 70s and crochet

Η μόδα των 70ς έχει επιστρέψει δυναμικά φέτος στις πασαρέλες και μαζί τους και το κροσέ και το μακραμέ σε μια πιο στυλάτη εκδοχή όμως από τι τα χίππικα κροσέ που φορούσαν οι μαμάδες μας:

Zac Posen

Anna Sui
Julien Macdonald
Jen Kao

Mark Fast

Vivienne Tam

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Spring is almost here....

..........and I'm still working on winter things!!! I managed to finish and list in my shop a felt bag that was waiting patiently for months to be finished!!!
...... I finished a scarf that I have been knitting for me with the fantastic yarn that my good friend Susie sent me last year for my birthday!
You can find the pattern here :)
And finished a brown  bag .... 
which I hope to finish lining and writing the pattern before the summer comesι!!!!!
I also started knitting a long jacket for me .... which for sure will not be finished this year......

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