Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday Cyber Monday Christmas offer for my blog readers!

A little thank you for my dear readers!
Starting from today, by entering the coupon code CH002010BL during checkout at my etsy shop you will have 12% discount on all your purchases (excluding the shipping costs). This offer is valid till the 6th of December.
Also, from november 25th until december 6th, i'm participating in the dawanda x-mas special: every day another category will have a 12% discount, so on the days it's jewelry or accessories, you'll find my items reduced :). And usually the last one or two days all categories are discounted.
Happy shopping :)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

New jewelry-playing with new materilas

Almost  a whole month is passed since my last post!and only one month is ahead of us before Christmas!! I don't understand how quickly time slips from my hands.... I will try to make a brief review of this month.....

My iron broke, my glasses, my watch and my p/c!!!!I bought a new p/c, struggled for two days to move all my files and programs, but I still can not connect to the internet!!!On Monday I'm expecting a technician to come and fix it!
In the meanwhile I managed to finish an unfinished shrug finally:

and made a lot of new necklaces, most of them have already been sold and some of them I have not been able to take pictures:

I couldn't resist the temtation and bought new materials, silk cocoons and rods hand-dyed and yarn:
and made these necklaces:

I have two new bags almost finished and the perfect way to show you how to adjust a zipper to your jacket/wet or bag, without having the wrong side looking ugly when the zipper is open, but I will show it to you in a next post! take a pick of what I will show you ;)
and now I must get to work, two christmas bazaars are on the way and I have to stock up!!!
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