Monday, October 25, 2010

Μy new bags and a recipe

I don't know how, but this year I can't accomplish not even half of the things I want every day!And I have neglegted my blog terribly!
But I managed to finish some halfdone things and to make to new bags!
Bags have always been my favorites and I believe that a woman can never have enough bags!!!
For almost any woman, the handbag is the ultimate accessory - as it says in the introduction of the book "Bags Two" from Vogue Knitting- . It combines fashion and function and suggests couture in a beautifully useful package. A fabulous bag has a unique way of grabbing people's attention! 
You can find patterns for my bags in my shop and on Raverly :)

Last week my son had his birthday and I thought I would cook something special for dinner! I tried out a new recipe I found on "Marieclaire cuisine", sarlot of stuffed cabbage and chocolate soufle!
Here is the recipe for the stuffed cabbage:
Incredients (for 6 portions):
1 nappa caggabe (chinese)
400 gr. sausage
150 γρ. rice for risotto (arborio)
1 large onion
1 egg
60 gr. grated parmegiano
50 gr. butter
1 tbs oil
chopped parsley
Slice the head of Napa lengthwise in half and remove the core. Cook the cabbage leaves in salted water for 20 minutes and drain.
Boil the rice al dente in salted water, drain, and mix with half of the butter. Chop the onion and heat it in a pan with oil. Remove the casing of the sausage and the flesh of the sausage to the onions. Add salt and pepper and let it cook for 5 minutes.
Preheat the oven to 180 grade and butter a baking pan. Cover the base and sides of the pan with the large leaves og the cabbage.Roughly chop the rest of the cabbage.  Mix in a bawl the sausage, the rice, teh egg, the parsley and the parmegiano. 
Fil the pan with a layer of the mixture, then a layer of chopped cabbage in turns, until the pan is filled.Top with leaves. Cover the pan with a baking paper, buttered and bake for 30 minutes. Leave to rest for 5 minutes before serving. serve hot.
The soufle was very yummie also:

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Τhe weather is chilly!Time for knitting!

Fall and winter are the perfect seasons for knitting! With the first heavy rains I felt like knitting again! I finished two bags:

And a third one is lying to dry!

I searched my stash and found several unfinished projects which must get done some time ;)

 an almost finished shrug !
A scarf!

A mitten!

A capelet!

How many unfinished projects do you have stached?

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