Saturday, February 28, 2009

knitting as public art 3

The history of guerilla knitting
"Guerrilla knitting" has a couple of meanings in the knitting community - to some, it merely means knitting in public, while to others, it means creating public art by knitted means.

The artist brought a tree to Burning Man, wrote a pattern explaining how leaves should be knitted, and together with the citizens of Black Rock City knitted thousands of leaves. They were not bound off so each leaf could unravel in the wind.

The knitting machine

Dave Cole's "Knitting Machine” project used two excavators wielding telephone poles as needles to knit a giant American flag in the courtyard of the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

A unique and useful key-chain

I found this little keychain at! It is a little crochet hook and is very handy, when you are on the go with your knitting and you dropped a stitch. It is also a useful keychain. It comes in four colors and sizes!

Etsy Greek Street Team

Ι'm very happy to announce that we have our own group now in Etsy! The Etsy Greek Street Team, a team of Greek artists/crafters! We are still getting organized, but you can already find us in flickr and our blog!

Friday, February 13, 2009

One year in Etsy!

The last months I had big problem with my internet connection (it was broken constantly) and the last 10 -15 days I could not stay connected by no means!!!! As soon as I made connection, automatically it was cut!!! Finally, with my nerves out of control, I found the solution coincidentally: the USB port was to blame, which worked with anything else, but did not work with the mobile modem!!! Finally I inserted it in one of the back ports and it works regularly now (I hope it stays so!!!!) and her I am !!!!! In between my wallet was stolen and I have been running all week for new identities, cards etc, my oven broke and I had to go buy a new one, find carriers to take the old one and an electrician to connect the new oven!!!! With my panic I forgot that ago 3 days I closed one year in Etsy!!! And hardly yesterday I found the article of Etsy about the Greek Etsians!Follow the link to meet us!

 Vicky (Aranwen) prepared a splendid article! Thanks Vicky!!

Also yesterday the Greek Team of Etsy in Flickr was created! If you want to see what Greek crafters/artists are up to, click here
Since I could not connect to the internet, I took the opportunity to re-arrange my photo files, to take new photographs with my new doll and of course I was crafting like crazy! (I made various bangles with felt and embellished them with beads or with buttons:

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