Friday, November 14, 2008

How time flies!

How quickly ten days passed since my last post! It is true that I didn’t do much, because lately I feel with no energy, my batteries are empty! I started making a purse for the “Africa” challenge, but it is still outside hanging to dry!!! The challenge of course is finished and the winner was Amanda from ExoticFlavor, who chose the next theme, “Aqua”! I have started making a necklace and a scarf, I hope this time I will have them ready on time!

But I managed to finish my “Secret Santa” present and the samples for the “Get Eurofied” promo!
What are these?
For those who don’t know, our Est group is going to swap Christmas presents this year! Everyone who has opted has completed a questionnaire, and Artmind selected all of them, matched them in pairs and sent to each one of us the completed questionnaire of another person to give us feedback to make something according to the taste of our present recipient. Well, I finished mine and shipped it already! At the end, every one of us will make a photo with the present she got and it will be posted on our team’s blog.

"Get Eurofied" is a promotion that a fellow member of our team suggested and organized. It is boxes with samples of our work that are very popular abroad. I made some pins, brooches, rings and egg-cups!
I have also finished some knits, but I couldn’t make any decent photos yet to show!

Have I told you? My Vito is in love with Mollie and is crying all day long to go out to meet her! I open the kitchen door and let her in to come and say hi, so that he stops crying!


  1. Eve, thank you for the blog, please don't be stress, in case you can't finished in time, I still love you. :)))

    Oh! the cats, they are so in love!! really sweet photo.....they look like a pair of puppy lover.

  2. Your samples look great! And your cat looks totally in love and an internet aholic!! :)

  3. love your samples Eve; those egg hats are so cute !

  4. Wow, you haven't blogged for a while but have lots of things to tell! :)
    I love your cat & your samples look great. Santa is also very curious what you made for your secret friend! :)

  5. Ολα ωραια ...ακομη και οι γάτες αρμονικες εδω μεσα παντα!!!


  6. Τα καπελακια για τ'αυγα πολυ γουστοζικα!Ο Βιτο πανεμορφος.

  7. Πολύ μου αρέσουν τα τσόχινα κοσμήματα τελικά! Αμ τα σκουφάκια αυγών; Υπέροχα!
    Τα γατόνια, λατρεμένα! Καλέ επάνω στο πισι την καταβρήκε;;; Χαχαχα!


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