Tuesday, November 4, 2008

This week I'm the boss!

Every week the European Etsy Team has a challenge for the members to make something with a special theme. Last week the winner was Mirthquake and she chose the next theme, which was "hometown". We had to make something that reminds us of our hometown, or have a black-white picture of our hometown as background of our item. See here the fantastic creations of the team. I found old family pictures and put them as background. One of them was taken in front of the lighthouse of my town. This was my entry:

Now it's my turn to choose a theme for this week :)
Well, the theme for this week's challenge is "Africa". I would like to creations inspired by this wonderful continent.
Here are some pictures to get inspired:

You can find more inspiration here:


  1. very nice theme! hmmm... need to start thinking....

  2. ok worth the wait


    i like it
    :D you are forgiven

  3. Thank you girls :) I was trying to find something that has many possibilities for creations!

  4. Επανω τους αρχηγεεεεε!
    τι ωραιες που ηταν οι φωτογραφιες σου οι παλιες;! και μαλλον μαντεψα σωστα στο ποια εισαι εσυ, το ξανθουλι με το λευκο φορεματακι...ε;!

  5. Great theme, Eve! Congrats on winning the challenge! :)

  6. χεχε φιλενάδα σωστά μάντεψες!


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