Sunday, April 26, 2009

One year blogging!

Today I realized that my blog became one year old! I have neglected it lately a little, as a lot of others! I hope my followers will excuse me, as well as my blogger friends that I haven’t visited their blogs, but I feel my energy drained lately and during the day I manage to accomplish only a few things. I suspect some sort of health problem and I have made some tests, that will come out in few days, when I hope that will the cause of this unexplained lassitude be found and with the right medicine I will be my old good self :)

With regard to the knitting and felting, I did not make a lot of things either. I have started a lot of things and I have also a lot of ideas that at the present moment are on hold. I only made some new sandals for the summertime for my shop:

And accomplished to finish yesterday a scarflette-necklace with a amazing extraordinary new yarn that I discovered, very thin and light, that is from thin stainless steel and silk. I also made a pair earrings with the same yarn!

I also played with my mannequin and changed it's appearence, because I didn't like that black fabric that it was covered with. I took it off and made a collage with scraps of old papers! I think it looks better this way, what do you think?

At Easter I made the traditional Easter dish, that we usually eat in my homeland, the second Easter day and I thought of giving you the recipe:

Lamb Entrail Roll (tzigerosarmas)

Though the recipe has origin from Turkey, it is a Thracian traditional dish. In other regions it has the name “koykoyloto” or “papoyda” and is the Greek equivalent of the Scottish Haggis.

1 spring lamb offal (heart, liver, spleen, sweetbreads)
3-4 Fresh spring onions chopped fine
1 onion finely chopped
½ cup finely chopped dill
½ cup finely chopped parsley
½ cup short grain rice
1 large lamb caul
2 eggs
½ cup water

Drop the meats in boiling water, boil for 5-8 minutes and drain. Leave to cool, and then chop coarsely. Chop the onions and herbs and add them to the chopped meats.

Separate the crocus from an egg and keep it aside. Add this egg white and the second egg entire in the filling. Add the rice, salt and pepper and the water and mix the materials . Put the caul in a bowl with warm water and leave it to soften, so that you can open it easily. Stretch the cowl out, in a bowl and add in the filling. Turn utmost of the caul on the filling and turn over in a baking pan. Dissolve the crocus of the egg with one spoonful tepid water and stretch out on the caul. Spread around potatoes cut in thin pieces and salted. Add some oil to the potatoes and cook for 1 hour roughly in 180o.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sweet mummy

Τhis sweaty appeared last summer with her kitty in our backyard.

I started to feed her and every morning she was waiting for me on the stairs outside my kitchen!

A while ago, she decided to live with us.

But soon I discovered that she was pregnant too. And yesterday we had birth!!! She gave birth to four little kittens!!! And she is a very sweet and protective mummy!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

My secret Bunny arrived

Do you remember the Secret Santa? For those who don’t know, our Est group made a Christmas presents swap and it was great fun for all! We decided to do the same for Easter, with the same way!Everyone who has opted has completed a questionnaire, and Artmind selected all of them, matched them in pairs and sent to each one of us the completed questionnaire of another person to give us feedback to make something according to the taste of our present recipient. My match for the Easter bunny was my sweet friend Ntina from Sweden, aka MistyAurora! Ntina is Greek and makes wonderful jewelry! I knit for her an iPod/mobile case and a small lip gloss case in her favorite color, aqua blue. Take a look at her blog here! Yesterday my secret bunny arrived with the post from Leina, aka XbyLeinaNeima, from Estonia! The present was so beautifully packed, with a cute pink rice-paper and ribbon; I didn’t want to rib it. Inside there was not one present, but actually 5!!! Two beautiful delicious handmade soaps, each of them hiding a second gift inside. One with a cat from stained glass inside, and the other with a small heart-pendant!!! And a beautiful choker, all of them in my favorite colors!!! My joy was so big, I made pictures of them immediately, though the light was not good. Look how gorgeous they are!! Leina makes fantastic jewelry and accessories. Take a look at her shop and blog! A big thank you Leina for the wonderful presents and a big thank you to Mitsy too, who organized the swap again!

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