Monday, June 13, 2011

"Geia sta heria mas ΙΙ" - summer bazaar

It has been already a week from the bazaar and I did not write anything yet! The fatigue was big with the preparations before and during and I'm still trying to recover!
But it was a perfect bazaar, we had fun, laughter and great joy and the comments of the public were very positive about the organization and  the beautiful and quality creations!
I'm always happy to have the the chance to meet the team again and have fun on such occassions!
The bazaar was in "Stavlos", a beautiful multi-space at Thissio! We had three rooms where we exhibiedt our products and the attendance was well over the weekend!
And because the bazaar coincided with our annual Craft Party of Etsy, to celebrate the creative expression, throughout the bazaar, we had craft-workshops demonstrating to visitors and passers various techniques and crafts! People enjoyed it and participated very enthusiastically!
A big thank you to the girls who took over the organization, Pergamonto and  InQueue and the people who came and honoured us and I hope to have  again such a successful bazaar soon!

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  1. It was a fantastic party and a beautiful bazaar! I really enjoyed my time and meeting with all those lovely people! A big thank you to the girls who organized that!


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