Saturday, January 3, 2015

Fashion trend houndstooth

Houndstooth (or hound’s tooth), known to the French as “pied de poule” and to Americans as  “dog’s tooth” also, is one of my favorite prints. It is a checked pattern with broken checks or abstract four-pointed shapes and has a timeless classy and chic flair.
This winter it's one of the hottest graphic patterns.
Although it is traditionally in black and white, colored houndstooth print are also making their way into the fashion industry.

It is a classic pattern that can never be out of style.  You can find skirts, sweaters, pants, coats, scarfs, bags in this classic pattern. It looks great when combined with black, white, grey, red, burgundy, yellow and  other colors.
I love Stella McCartney's houndstooth dresses and coats for this winter.

Focus on : Stella McCartney's Houndstooth

Focus on : Stella McCartney's Houndstooth by montaignemarket featuring a black and white houndstooth dress


 karen millen coat from

houndtooth dress, shabbyapple 

If you are reluctant to adopt this pattern in a dress or coat, you can wear an accessory like a scarf or bag and be in style:


Juicy Couture handbag

Juicy Couture handbag (see more satchel style handbags)

And if you like knitting, you can knit my  houndtooth clutch and have your unique and timeless piece of accessory: 

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