Tuesday, December 31, 2013

no blogging for one year and a half ....

When I started my little blog four and a half years ago , my first post was my complaint for the so little love and attention for crafting and knitting in particular in Greece ! So many things have changed in so little time ! Recently I see a huge resurgence of crafting and I am delighted ! I do not know what exactly contributed to this shift .... fashion, who came from abroad and celebrities who showcase  the beauty of handmade? the crisis that from one hand made us stay more at home that generated to a need for creative expression , for relief? Whatever it is , however I like ! I see more and more Greeks most of all ages to learn to sew , knit , create ! Many new supply stores and many seminars and events for everything handmade ! New magazines!!
I left  my blog alone and completely neglected my online shops at Etsy and Dawanda, because I started alongside an exciting activity that does not leave me much time !
Looking back over the year today , the last day of it , I can say it was one of the most difficult years I have lived at least the last decade .... challenging ....But  I also lived  wonderful experiences and moments ! After many many years I had the chance to travel - another great love except knitting , meet new friends , amazing positive people !
I went to Nice and Monaco !
To magnificent Barcelona!!

To romantic Florence!!

And quite unexpectedly, I started working with a new magazine that was publisheda few months ago in Greece, " Brava" and now in each issue you can find one of my designs!

Knitting is for me passion, and psychotherapy of course and a creative expression that never stops! I may not be so energetic due to lack of time, but I continue to create and design!

This cape is my latest creation that was published in December issue of Brava ! The next issue to be released in January will have a handbag :)
I have already designed a brand new scarf / collar that will be published in the February issue and designed it wanting to please the most novice knitters who do not yet have the ability to work intricate designs and techniques. And soon I will have the instructions for for my two brand new creations ready . I will show them in the next post !
Concluding this review of this year , despite the challenges I had, I feel blessed and full of love , friendships , creativity, beautiful moments and I'm sure that next year will be magical ! I wish all a magical splendid year and I promise not to neglect my blog :)

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