Friday, August 26, 2011

Wardrobe refashioning

It is true that we all feel often the need to update our wardrobe! But this can hurt our pockets ;)
But if we are crafty and have some basic sewing knoweledge, we can transform and refashion our t-shirts and tops in beautiful trendy pieces!
I had some leftover striped fabric from a skirt I made this summer, so I thought to use it to make a nice outfit:

1. I used an old simple V-neck shirt I had in my closet.
2. I cut 2 strips of fabric 7cm wide from the width of the fabric
3. I sewed the strips on the center lengthwise with the machine set to the biggest stitch, leaving along tail. Then I pulled the under thread to form the ruffles
4. I pinned the ruffles around the V-neck and sewed it on the shirt. In less than an hour, I had a new shirt :)

Surfing online for other ideas of refashioning, I found a lovely idea for refashioning a tank top at ruffles and stuff blog:

1. I bought a very cheap tank top at H&M.
2. Took an old black lace and a striped fabric from my stash.
3. Marked the spot with a pensil on the center of the top, where I wanted to sew the ruffles.
4-5. I cut a strip from the lace 8cm wide and 2 strips from the striped fabric, one  7cm wide and the other 5cm wide.
6. Made big stitches by hand on the one edge of the wide strip, fastening together the lace strip and gathered the strip to a ruffle, and did the same with the other strip separately.
7-8. I pinned the ruffle around the mark and sewed it.
9. Then I pinned on the same spot the second ruffle and sewed it on the top.
Finally, I sewed on the centre a piece of black trim and three white buttons,
10. and the ruffled top was ready !!
How does it look?

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