Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Custom order during the heat wave

It is a fact that summer is not the ideal season for knitting and crocheting!! The hands sweat, the yarn sticks on the fingers and it's no fun! But what can you do, when you think it's time to pack the needles and hooks and you get custom orders from friends? Which you can not say no to? Especially now that sales are so low? You grab your needles and start knitting....and sweating...

A friend asked me to make this white clutch (this was an easy task and I finished it very quickly)

her sister wanted a top in A line, with the colors and pattern of my  "sea waves purse". I chose a different pattern for the waves and I was very pleased with the outcome! But it was too much work! I was sweating a whole week to finish it!!!

And when I thought I could start being lazy, the final hit came! two baby blankets with crochet finishing! This was literally a torture!!It took me days of endless knitting and tons of sweat to finish right before leaving for holidays! And I must say, I will not make any blanket again!!

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