Sunday, December 12, 2010

EGST christmas bazaar at Booze!

Οne week has passed since our bazaar at Booze and I haven't posted about it yet!The tiredness was big - before the bazaar with all the preparations and during the bazaar, and right after it I got sick!!!!
The bazaar was awesome and I want to show you some picks ans write a few words about it!
The bazaar took place at Booze Cooperativa, a fantastic place in the center of Athens!!! We had three different spaces to exhibit our creations and visitors coming in constantly!!!
A big thank you to the girls who organized it, Anta, BlackRedDots and Zdrop and to all the visitors who honored us and I hope we will have such a successful bazaar very soon!!

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  1. What a great time you had, girls!!!! Bravoooo koritsia!!!! Thank you for sharing the beautiful pics and the lovely atmosphere! Hope to join you next time :)!


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