Saturday, December 18, 2010

DYI - Christmas wreath with Santas choir table decoration

Many years ago I made this beautiful wreath that I had found in a German magazine. Unfortunately, some time from a leak in the attic humidity drenched the box and it was destroyed. Last year I attempted to rebuild the Santas from felt, but did not have time to finish and  eventually I made the Santas  ornaments for the tree. I hope another time to be able to make it again ;)

You will need:
1. A ready-made wreath natural or synthetic
2. 4 red candles
3. Small gift packets and musical instruments
4. Satin ribbon of your choice 
For the Santas:
1. Styrofoam balls with a diameter of 3.cm5 and 1.5cm
2. An old thick  women pantyhose in skin color
3. Red lipstick
4. Black marker
5. Red marker
6. Red satin fabric 
7. White faux fur or wool fabric or felt
8. Florist's  wire
White wool yarn for the mustache and beard

10. paper with music notes theme
To make the Santa cut the small balls in half and glue on each ball the small half (for the nose). Then cover the ball with a piece of hose and fasten it down with a few stitches. Draw eyes with the black marker and the mouth with the red. With the lipstick gently paint the nose and cheeks. Thread a needle with the white thread and sew a beard and moustache (photo 1). With a little glue fix eyebrows.Stick a long piece of wire in the head with direction from bottom to top in the centre and then turn and pass it back. Twist the two pieces of wire together. Cut a triangle from the red satin fabric (photo 2), stick it on the head and garnish it with fur.Attach the heads on the wreath and  in front of each head attach the little   music sheets. Decorate the wreath with the rest of the candles, bows and ornaments.
And since you are talking about wreaths, take a look at these wonderful ideas about door wreaths I found at  BHG:

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