Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Animal print - Hot fashion trend for fall

One of the hot trends of 2010 fall fashion is the animal print trend which has lead to the development of some of the best looking outfits this year so take a peek at what prints should definitely be a part of your fall wardrobe!
Because printed outfit give a certain luxurious and rebellious look, they blend beautifully with the a variety of different style outfits and accessories. This year the prints could have been seen from shoes to accessories and clothing and they all looked fabulous. 
 Dries Van Noten

My new scarves inspired by this hot trend:
My zebra bag, super trendy accessory for this fall-winter:


  1. I am totally in to animal prints,
    actually already was this summer,
    with my leaopard flip flop and a leo Jacket :)
    Wonderful new ones you are full in the Trend !!!


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