Monday, February 15, 2010

Scarves-the best solution to keep you warm

Scarves are in fashion this winter and are very good warmers. They are easy and quick to make and also a very good idea for gift.
The weather may now not be very cold and spring is around the corner, but knitting is still pleasant and March has always surprises!

I started some time ago a scarf with the fabulus yarn I got as Christmas present from my dear friend Susie from England and I hope to finish it before the weather gets too warm :)

I chose a lace pattern veru easy to execute, so that I can carry it with me and be able to knit without having to look at the instructions al the time:

Repeat the stitches between the two arrows, that is your stitches must be divided with 12,plus 3.
First row: sl,1k,*k2tog twice,yo,1k,yo,ik,yo,ik,yo,skp twice,1k*,repeat directions between *,1k.
Second row: purl
Third row: knit
Forth row: purl.
Repeat rows 1-4.

And if you don't know knitting, there are fantastic knitters at Etsy who offer gorgeous scarves:

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