Sunday, September 13, 2009

ΑtticaSos & Mater Matrix Mother and Medium

Almost two months I have not posted anything in my poor little blog! I admit that I was not in the mood to sit in front from the computer this interval. The overloaded July from work in the office, the heat and laziness of August, kept me far from net! Now however that fall is here and the days are cooler and the first raindrops fell, I'm starting to get organized again! Beginning a first surfing in the net, I found yesterday a splendid initiative for the reforestation of Attica, from Manya Maratou! I copy from the blog:
Attica Sos
The wildfire that has swept over the land northeast of Athens, Greece, raging from Friday 21st August until Monday 24 devastated forests and homes, burning more than 23500 hectares. This blog, published in English and Greek shall be the meeting point for all that are interested in the project ART FOR TREES, a call for the donation of works of art to be sold at an exhibition to raise funds for the reforestation of the area. The idea was sparked by the passionate response of jasmine of natureswhispers to the news of the fire.

The organization that will be hosting the event is the Folklore museum of Varnavas who are situated in the area and have a long history of actions for the environment and the community, including clearing of rubbish and dry plant matter in the forest by volunteers, planting of more than 3000 native trees in the past three years and many environmental educational programs for schoolchildren. I will be posting more about the museum and the event later.
I will also be posting photographs of the works as they arrive, press releases, and when the time comes videos and photos of the events. Also I will post about the area, the wildlife, environment and plants and its importance for the city of Athens.

Works should be sent to po box 66, Marathon, 19007, Attiki, Greece c/o Manya Maratou

And while here we burn our forests, in another corner of the world they are used for cultural purposes:
Mater Matrix Mother and Medium

Mater Matrix Mother and Medium is a process-based temporary public art installation by Seattle-based installation artist Mandy Greer. Τhe project is an installation woven into the trees of Seattle's urban forest, a 200-foot-long Fiber River, and the embodiment of that river in a performance, later this summer, by visionary choreographer and dancer Zoe Scofield.
This new work is commissioned by Seattle Public Utilities 1% for Art Funds, and administered by Seattle Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs, as a way to celebrate and interpret the splendor of Seattle's urban creeks and encourage community involvement in the stewardship of our essential watersheds.


  1. Καλως την μου!!!
    η επανοδος σου οπως παντα με νοημα!
    Μακαρι να ειχαμε κι εμεις τετοιες προτοβουλειες και τοση αγαπη για τον τοπο μας.....

    Μπηκα στο flickr και ειδα το νεο σου φουλαρι το ΜΠΕΖ με το υπεροχο πορτοκαλι του, ειναι μουρλια!!!
    Φιλια πολλα-πολλα!!!!

  2. Το πλεκτο μεσα στα δεντρα ειναι σαν ποταμι.Καλο φθινοπωρο Ευα, καλες δημιουργιες.

  3. Το πλεκτό γεννά πολιτισμό! Καλό φθινόπωρο Eve!

  4. Your post is up on
    Bright, Bold, and Beautiful!!

    Enjoy ~~
    xo Laura


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