Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ι’m a yarnaholic, I admit it!

Last Saturday I participated to a workshop at Kangaroo, "the netting fork (hairpin lace loom) technique" this time. Our good teacher Angeliki taught us the basics, and next week we will learn the bindings. He must do some homework too!! It was a very pleasant morning, creative and fun! And I had the chance to meet Maria in person, who I have met through blogging and we were talking to meet each other some time. Maria is a wonderful openhearted person, and of course very crafty. She knits, sews and creates fantastic things, and is a fabulous cook as well. From the first minute we met, I felt that I found a new friend and am very happy about it and I can't wait for the next Saturday to meet again!! After the workshop I couldn't resist to the temptation I bought new yarns and start knitting them the same evening ;) That's why I didn't sit in front of my p/c so many days!

Mania working with the fork.

My first attempts. With Maria.
In the meanwhile, the challenges continue in our group (EST). Two weeks ago we had to make something "cute" and I knit a cute bobbles bag:

The winner of the challenge was Arctida, who chose the next theme: science fiction". I made this necklace with black felt beads:

This week the winner is a guy, Daniel from SwedishJewels, and he chose "boys/men" for theme, that means we have to create something that men appreciate.
I also made a scarfelette for the monthly challenge of EtsyFast team:
Do you remember the black-white-grey scarf I started some time ago? It's finished at last!

My first creation with the fork:

Today I went to the center for some business and passed by Kangaroo again, and guess what? I bought more yarn!!!!


  1. Καλησπέρα. Παιδί μου φτιάχνεις αριστουργήματα! Γίνε εσύ ο dj του μπλογκ μου.
    Eλα στο μπλογκ μου και πες μου ποιο τραγούδι θέλεις απο την δεκαετία του 80 και εγώ το ανεβάσω σε video remix!

  2. Σ'ευχαριστώ Italodisco, λατρεύω τα 80s, έρχομαι να σ'επισκεφθώ :)

  3. Πω πω!!!
    Ευα μου τι ωραια που ειναι ολα;;;;
    Ο γιακας με την φουρκετα πολυ σουπερ!!! αλλά και το μαυρο ασπρο κασκολ τελειο, χαλαλι η αναμονη.

    ΑΑΑΑΑΑΑΑ! κουκλες ειμαστε βρε;!!(να ευλογήσουμε και τα γένια μας χα!χα!)
    Δεν περασαμε πολυ ωραια; εγω περιμενω το αλλο Σαββατο......

  4. χαχαχα το επόμενο θα έχουμε κάνει και μποτέ να βγούμε πιο όμορφες στις φωτό lol

  5. That fork looks like a lot of fun! How wonderful it is to get together with others to learn and craft! Your creations are so pretty and colorful!

  6. Oh that looks like fun, I want to try that! Can you come teach me?

  7. Όλα καταπληκτικά αλλά το ασπρόμαυρο... υπέροχο!

  8. Nice to see you, Eve! You're beautiful!! And your first attempt looks really nice!

  9. Είναι πολύ όμορφα αυτά που φτιάχνεις μου φαίνονται πολύ δύσκολα μπράβο που τα καταφέρνεις


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