Monday, August 25, 2008

Scented Sachet tutorial

I bought the Clover's yo-yo maker from Kangaroo (Sofia Vamvaka has exclusiveness of the Clover tools in Greece) and had the inspiration to make small scented sachets with it. It is a very cute small gift or you can put it in your drawers.

 Scented Sachet tutorial

You will need:

1. The Clover yo-yo maker (or you can use a circle from cardboard with diameter 9cm).
2. A piece of silk cloth (or another thin cloth) about 10x10cm.
3. A button
4. Scissors, thread and needle.
5. A ribbon
6. Dried lavender.
1) With the wrong side of the cloth facing up, place the cloth between the disk and the plate and press firmly the aligned disk lines onto the plate protrusions.

2) Cut the cloth, leaving a seam allowance of 3 to 5 mm.

3) Fold the seam towards the disk and hold it with your fingers. Insert the needle from the disk side. Push the needle in through the disk side and out through the plate side. Continue sewing counter clock-wise along the entire circumference while holding dawn the seam with fingers at each stitch. When you reach the end sew the first hole one more time. Don't make a knot yet.
4) Remove the disk from the plate and the cloth from the disk by lifting the seam.

5) Put a small amount of lavender (one tea spoon) in the cloth and close the seam by pulling the thread slowly. Fold the seam inward and neatly make creases.

6) When the opening is closed, make a knot. Fold the ribbon in half and sew it on the middle of the crease. Sew the button on it. Make a bow with the ribbon. Enjoy!


  1. Ελα ρε καμιά φωτογραφια δεν εχεις;
    Δεν το καταλαβα και καλα.
    Η Σοφια ποτε θα κανει το περίφημο σαιτ; θα ειναι μονο για μελη; η θα μπαινουν ολοι; ξερεις τιποτα; εγω εχω να παω πριν το καλοκαιρι στο μαγαζι της και δεν ξερω τιποτα.

  2. τώρα έχει και φωτό :)
    Είχε πρόβλημα με αυτόν που της το έφτιαχνε και αναγκάστηκε να ψάξει για άλλον. Μου είπε ότι το φθινόπωρο θα είναι έτοιμο. Νομίζω θα είναι μόνο για μέλη. Θα μάθω νεότερα όταν θα ξαναπάω και θα σου πω! Πολύ ωραία η καινούργια φωτό με τη Μιλού σου :)

  3. Δεν έχω δει αυτό το εργαλείο πριν. Συμπαθώ πώς οι άκρες παίρνουν το γυρισμένο εσωτερικό.

  4. Super tutorial! Your pictures are so clear and easy to follow---it's going to be great on the EST blog!

  5. These sachets look so beautiful ! It's a great idea and a great tutorial; I am going to try it ! Thanks, P8

  6. Eυα μου
    εισαι φοβερη χρεισοχερα κοριτσι μου.Υπεροχο το πουγγακι!!!
    τα φιλια μου.


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