Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New banner

I'm very excited!!While we were chatting in the forum today, I asked Antigoni how she made her new banner, because I have no idea about this, and she offerde to make one for me when she has time. And this afternoon she sent me these fantastic three banners!!!!Isn't she a tresur???? Tell me, aren't these wonderful all three??? I have already uploaded one in my shop and one on my blog!!! Thank you Antigoni!!!!


  1. Σ'ευχαριστώ.
    Το MP3 σου με ξετρελλανε!!!
    Thank you!
    I love your MP3

  2. Tough choices...those are all my favorite colors... but I'd go for the pink one ;)

  3. Hmm.. I can't just vote, Eve. It's hard to choose. I know, you ask only for the font, but I want to give you my opinion about the whole ;)
    I think, the color of Nr 1 or 2 suit your shop the best, but I don't really like the picture shown. You are a great felter and crocheter, so I'd rather love to see those creations on your banner, like on Nr 2 or 3. Now for the font itself. I like Nr 1 or 2. Can't really decide. Nr 1 is a bit hard, although I really like it. And Nr 2 is a bit too small?? Can't tell you why. Nr 3 is hard to read for me, so don't like it.
    Oh, I'm not a help at all, am I?

  4. Thank you all for your comments and help :)


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