Sunday, September 10, 2017

Knitwear Trend report: Statement sleeves

Dramatic shapes and fresh details make arms key focal points, with volume reigning supreme and tweaked constructions providing edge and interest.
This season, it’s all about statement sleeves. From bell-shaped and extra-long to balloon and cold-shoulder, attention grabbing sleeves are stealing all the spotlight.

Bell Sleeve: Fitted on the shoulder and flaring out wide toward the wrist, the bell sleeve is the same as it always was, yet totally different. 

Rosetta Getty

 Flounce Sleeves: Despite having a similar silhouette to bell sleeves, flounce sleeves tend to be slightly more subtle and feminine. The style is created by attaching a separate piece of circular-cut fabric to the sleeve. This creates a ruffle effect that gives flounce sleeves their flare.


 Ruffle Sleeves: Choose between different sizes and amounts of ruffles for different variations on this trend. Whether you choose ruffles that completely cover the sleeve or ones that start from the elbow, these sleeves are all the statement you need.

Bishop Sleeves:The style, which balloons out toward the lower arm before gathering into a cuff ate wrist.

Extra-Long Sleeves: They may not be practical, but extra-long sleeves are totally in fashion at the moment. 

Balloon Sleeves: The round style is then gathered at the end, so the overall shape resembles a semi-deflated balloon


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