Sunday, November 27, 2011

DIE FOR DIY - the culture of do it yourself

Going through the new issue of Elle, to my great surprise and joy I stumbled upon the article of Fotini Simos "DIE for DIY - The culture of Do It Yourself",

"The trend commands DIY in fashion, decoration, leisure, education and beauty. It is not just another lifestyle madness of hipsters, but a new social phenomenon that has its roots in the international economic crisis. A need therefore that is dressed with the mantle of beauty and style and steals the impressions, because behind everything there is an idea hidden. In other words, the DIY is the new "takethe  control in your own hands." A little fun revolution against consumerism. "

And more particullary for knitting: 

 "Knitting: The new yoga. The most hip girls in the city discovered embroidery, knitting and cross stitch and make themselves scarves, caps and sweaters. The trend started since psychotherapists spread that knitting is best stress buster. Researchof the Institute of Harvard Medical School, showed that knitting reduces the heart pulse to 11 in a minute, so the pressure drops. This is what the working girls of the city heard and pulled the needles from the grandmother's trunk! "

And because I'm working and hip girl ;) I knit with obsession:

Two new bags in proccess:

An extravaganza cowl:
A surprise gift, trying for the first time the entrelac technique:

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