Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lana Sutra

On 6th of September, Benetton opened it's doors at the sjops in Istanbul, Milan and Munich, hosting a series of 15 installations with the title  ‘Lana Sutra’ , created by the young Cuban artist Erik Ravelo, transforming them to art spaces, to exhibit the projects.
Lana Sutra ” is a concept of 15 installations, which were designed as a tribute for love, dedicated to the desire for an equal  society. ” Lana ” in Italian means wool and ” Sutra ” means the thread that unites. Ravelo uses real models as molds to form various erotic postures of plaster
Every body of plaster is covered with wool in several colour shades, based on the Fall-Winter 2011 of Benetton.The colors are  entwined together in the form of DNA, indicating that love can unite mankind.
In the words of Alessandro Benetton: 'This project combines traditional and new values ​​of Benetton as the authenticity of our uniqueness, our love for art and nature. Our new collection Fall-Winter 2011 United Colors of Benetton blends with this project.''

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