Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter eggs decorations

When I was a kid, I was always happy when the day came each year to paint and decorate the Easter eggs. My mum would first boil them in egg paint and then we were sitting the three of us (my mum, my sister and me) and we were decorate them with paints all night long!It was lots of fun!
And when I became mum myself, I followed the tradition, painting the Easter eggs together with my son, when he was little :)
There are so many pretty decoration ideas I found on the net:
Sticker-and-Dye Egg Designs (from BHG)

To create these fun and funky designs, firmly adhere stickers around an undyed egg, pressing out any air bubbles. Dye the egg using an egg-dye kit. Allow to dry completely. Remove stickers to reveal your perfectly patterned egg!
Scrapbook Notions (from BHG)
Impress your kids (and grown-ups as well) with gorgeous eggs decorated from your scrapbooking stash. Trims, stickers, rub-ons, and gems can give an ordinary dyed egg extraordinary flair. You can even use stickers as masks before you dip the eggs in dye. Make sure your eggs are dry before you try to embellish them.
Pysanky Eggs (from BHG)
These eggs were decorated using Pysanky, the ancient Ukrainian folk art of wax-and-dye egg decorating. To create these designs, stick metal pins in pencil erasers, dip the pinheads in melted wax, and draw wax patterns on hard-boiled eggs before dyeing them.
 Rubber Band as Easter Egg Decorator (from real simple)
Decorate eggs by positioning bands around them in a pattern before dipping them into the dye.

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