Sunday, August 1, 2010


Each one of us must have some or more doilies inherited by our grandmothers and their grandmothers! Nowadays they are not used to decorate our tables, but if you have some hid den in your closets, here are some inspiring ideas for decoration:

Found from Country living:

Doily Lamp Shade 

For the lamp shade, remove the original fabric, leaving only the frame. Pin small doilies around the top, and then to one another, for a skirtlike effect. Remove pinned doilies. Machine-stitch together. Slip "skirt" over frame; hand-stitch around frame's top

Cushion and Draperies
Some doilies are so standout, they deserve prominent display. Hand-stitch one to the front of a store-bought cushion cover. For the drapery, stitch doilies of varying sizes along the hemline, building a pleasing pattern.

Table Runner

Create a dazzling flow of dots with round doilies. Machine-stitch them together and drape over a wood table where they can be admired.

More inspiration:
Giant doily rug by Ladies and Gentlemen Studio, inspired by doily pattern books from the 1930s

Found from Apartment therapy:
doilies framed as wall art

doilies as camouflage for cat scratch couch damage

tree covered with doilies

Contemporary art inspired by doilies:
Jennifer Cecere’s giant doilies


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