Sunday, July 25, 2010

Coffee with the girlz!

Last Thuersday I went downtown after work to meet the girls for coffee!The meeting was set by Maria from her blog and of course I couldn't miss it! Mania, a good friend was there too, with whom we wanted for months to meet, but had not managed to do it till then. She brought for all of us memoirs from her granddoughter's christening, hanmade of course by her:
Aren't they lovely?
Panagiota was there too, aka Olivetreegirl and I was very happy to mmet her in person!Very sweet!I hope we can meet again! Maria had brought her knitting and we admired her work!
After coffee we went to the shops looking for yarn and I finally found the fine cotton yarn for crocheting I was looking for!I bought 20 different colors!

and the very next day I started playing with it!These are my two first creations:
And finally I managed to take photos from a crochet halter top I finished long ago:

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