Sunday, May 30, 2010

The fantastic art of crochet

I wanted for a long time to make a post about crochet, seeing this beautiful art’s revival through more and more sites and decoration blogs. And even if you cannot crochet, you can find beautiful crochet readymade trims to use in your decoration.

In country living I found a beautiful article with decoration ideas, using readymade crochet trims. Bethany Lyttle writes:
"Evidently, sight isn't sufficient for the full appreciation of crochet. Otherwise, why does the hand reach, almost reflexively, to touch its pretty looped designs? Crochet lace, for centuries a household embellishment in most homes, and long deemed a needlecraft worthy of study by young women in both Europe and the New World, continues to capture the attention of anyone who sees it. Even for those whose tastes tend away from romantic touches, there is an almost instant attraction to its unassuming loveliness and charm. In part, this is because crochet edgings, while pretty, are rarely showy or overdone. And, whether we know how to crochet or not, we all know someone who did. Crochet edgings bespeak our grandmothers, aunts, and mothers, suggesting a quiet attention to detail and a loving extra touch....".

In Apartment therapy I found these beautiful stools:

Moonbasket has gorgeous lamps, vases and votives decorated with crochet:

And as always, Etsy is the best source for incredible crochet creations:

Shown from top left:
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With great joy I read in several forums and blogs, that young girls show interest in learning this art and because I read that many of them have difficulty to read and understand the symbols and shortcuts in the charts, I have here a picture with the basic symbols:
and  here you will find the instruction for the basics of crochet.
Have fun :)

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