Saturday, January 2, 2010


It's been such a long time since my last post!I have been so terribly busy these past two months,I neglegted my blog totally. At last, after some days of holidays I can start finding my old rythm!
The move to our home finished and we settled everything pretty good!

Right then the preparations for the Christmas bazaars and festivals began! I made new scarves

and many new necklaces and chokers

Somewhere inbetween I decorated the house for Christmas 

and made small Christmas gifts for friends and family

And I received wonderful presents too:

This is my European secret santa present, from Claudia, aka Deepindigo!A gorgeous set of bag,cowl and brooch! Claudia makes beautiful knitted and sewn accessories for women and children!

And this is the present I received from Mellie for the Greek secret santa gift swap!A wonderful tapestry from felt. Mellie,aka Stemellina makes gorgeous creations with felt!

Now I'm searching for the right pattern to knit this gorgeous yarn that I received for Christmas from a good friend from England!Susan is  a wonderful person I met through Etsy.
Holidays need festive food too, so I made yesterday my favorite dish, "Peking duck with fried rice", but I will post the recipe some other time, because this post is too long already!

I wish to all a happy New Year, with love,health and harmony!

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